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Truck Mounted Cranes

Download IK3 Console Box brochure.

Download IK4 Console Box brochure.

iStock_000025280173_FullIK_4_0Truck-mounted cranes

Are you looking for a wireless controller for your truck-mounted crane? For truck-mounted cranes, and any other lifting machinery that operates on an analogue control, the Danfoss IK3 & IK4 remote radio controllers can provide a versatile and simple answer to all your industrial remote controlling needs. The console box is fully customizable to suit your mobile lifting needs, no matter whether you are operating a truck-mounted crane, or a house-moving trailer. It is built to be simple to use, and to last.

The remote controller comes in the form of a console box with a number of different options for paddle levers, and extra digital outputs. Depending on your requirements, you can opt for four, six or eight paddle levers. Its features include:

  • Selection of different broadcast frequencies
  • Option to change frequencies manually or through automated console function
  • NiMH rechargeable batteries
  • Compatible with other communication systems including IQAN, SAE J1939, Profibus DP and RS-232/RS-485, CANOpen
  • Optional LCD 70 display with warning and alarm signals management, and feedback option, using the graphic display or the bicoloured LEDs
  • Optional range limiter

For more information about how Danfoss products can help your business shift products safely off your truck, please contact one of our friendly team members today.