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Line Pumps

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Ikusi TM70 1.13









Line pumps

Danfoss radio remote controllers are ideal for self-propelled machinery, such as line pumps. They can help you, and your employees, carry out their work duties more efficiently, with less risk of injury. As a market leader in providing remote solutions to the industrial and construction sectors, Danfoss produces remote controllers that are an innovative and straightforward way for you to get the job done.  No matter what the scope of the project, or how harsh the conditions, there is an Danfoss product that can suit your needs.

The Danfoss Hybrid is a hand-held remote system with touch sensitive, lightweight controls, and a range of options so that you can tailor your remote system to your specific requirements. They come with a number of standard features, which include:

  • Automatic working channel selection
  • The option of 12v or 24v DC power supply
  • Easily removable SIM for quick restoration to factory settings or straightforward backups of data
  • Rechargeable (NiMH) batteries
  • 10 different PWM outputs which match up to 10 different functions
  • The facility to remotely program the receiver’s outputs
  • Automatic ID teaching and releasing function from current or new transmitters

When you are working with machinery that needs to be operated from a safe distance, the Danfoss series of radio remote controls is the ideal first choice. Built to be tough and robust, these remotes are designed to withstand the harshest working conditions, even in hazardous areas, while providing the highest possible level of responsiveness and safety. To find out more, or to order one of our controllers, please contact us today.