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Farming Machinery

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BRASIL, LONDRINA, PR, 27/02/2013. COLHEITA DE SOJA. Colheita mecanizada de soja em uma fazenda, no distrito de São Luiz, município de Londrina, PR. - FOTO: ALF RIBEIROIK_4_0T70_2_DLA_mix1

Farming machinery

Remote operation of farming machinery can save costs, as well as helping farmers and agricultural workers reduce the rate of farming injuries and accidents. There are a number of different types of farming equipment and machinery that can benefit from wireless operation, and the robust Danfoss radio remote controls are designed to meet the requirements of farming machinery operators in a number of different fields.

Designed for use with a range of different farming machinery, including lifting equipment and other mobile farming machinery, the Danfoss MP10G radio remote control unit features the below characteristics:

  • 12 and 24v DC power supply compatibility
  • Slim, lightweight model design
  • Comfortable, ergonomically designed transmitter, with increased button sensitivity
  • One or two step pushbutton operation
  • Automatic working channel selection
  • Programmer module allows for users to remotely program the receiver’s output
  • Auto ID and ID releasing functions for current and new transmitters
  • Easy back up with EP70 EEPROM or detachable SIM compatibility. Also allows for simple restoration to factory settings.

Using a wireless radio remote allows you to control your farming machinery from a safe distance. Our remotes are all designed to withstand long-term industrial use. They are suitable for a range of industry applications and different environments, including hazardous areas. The remotes are rugged enough to withstand the tough conditions on a farm, yet light enough to be easy to use. To find out more about whether the MP10G remotes are suitable for your farming requirements, give us a call.