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Chain Hoist, Monorail Applications

Download TM70/1.06 Hybrid Brochure.

boat lift for dry storage steel, strap, transport, transportation, up, vessel, work, yacht, yard

Hoisting applications

The Danfoss TM70/1.06 Hybrid system is specifically tailored to industrial lifting systems, and meets industrial standards for lifting wire rope and chain hoists, as well as the industrial standard for lifting EOT cranes. Designed not only to be safe, these robust radio remote controls are also built to withstand harsh conditions, and repeated use. The Danfoss TM70/1.06 Hybrid system can provide the solution to all your remote lifting needs.

Able to work in different ISM bands, and with two speeds for each movement, the Danfoss TM70/1.06 Hybrid is powered by NiMH (rechargeable) batteries. It also features:

  • Optional range limiter
  • Extractable SIM for easy backups and restoration to factory settings
  • Choice of a 6 relays output
  • Suitable for medium-heavy duty lifting operations
  • STOP function Category 3 (defined by EN-954-1 and EN 13849)
  • Fast, intelligent battery charging
  • Wide temperature range makes it suitable for use in a variety of different environments
  • Range of different power supplies: 24Vac & 48Vac to 240Vac

For a radio remote controlled lifting system that is safe and reliable, even in heavy duty environments, the Danfoss TM70/1.06 Hybrid system can meet your requirements. With its focus on durability and robustness, as well as safety and ease of use, the Danfoss remote controllers provide the perfect solution to the demand for safe remote lifting technologies. Please contact us to find out more about this range of Danfoss products.